About Hear Baby Names

Our goal is the build the biggest archive of voice samples of people pronouncing names. We want to have the widest range of samples from people of all countries, voice accents, sexes and ages.

If you're looking for the pronunciation of a name or to discuss a name, then we want this to be your "go-to" site!

We are looking for community volunteers to (in no particular order);

  • Contribute voice samples.
  • Research new names and name meanings for inclusion.
  • Link similar names and provide additional spelling variations.
  • Moderate public discussions. (don't worry we'll cover spam)
  • Moderate voice sample submission when we open this up to the general public.
  • And of course promote the site far and wide on the internet! (without spamming)

So if you interested in names, then please contact us and let us know how you might like to help. While we cannot offer any kind of financial incentives right now, you will learn about and experience building a community website and we will be happy to provide you a reference and due credit for your role.

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